Rockit Brand Book

As part of the launch for the new Rockit Apples’ brand, we created a Rockit Brand Book. And in true Rockit style, we did it a little differently.

This Rockit brand book tells the story of a different apple. A super-small apple, grown and harvested by group of incredibly passionate people who want take on the world, one bite at a time.

With this unstoppable attitude leading the way, we made this brand book larger than life. We played with contrasts, packing the margins to bursting point with oversized type and icons, then short and sharp simplicity. Supported by cheeky copy, this brand book aims to break the fourth wall and disarm the reader with uncomplicated fun.

We made a not-your-usual-brand-book, for a not-your-usual-business. Because as Rockit believes, the things that make you different, are the things that will make you succeed.


Rockit Apples






Editorial Design



Creative Directors

Jef Wong

Design Team

Oscar Thomas
Sam O’Flaherty
Dave Black
Caitlin Thompson
Kathryn Cunningham
Adam Pretorius
Mike Pepper


Special Group
Alistair Guthrie

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