Te Pūkenga

In 2020, New Zealand’s Ministry of Education initiated a plan to combine 27 educational institutions into a single entity, Te Pūkenga. Named by Sir Tīmoti Kāretu, Te Pūkenga describes gaining and mastering valuable skills by passing down knowledge from person to person.

Due to its scale and reach, the project required a deep narrative and a highly accessible design system that could support institutions over the multi-year transition. The identity is inspired by the strong muka fibres of the Harakeke flax plant, often utilised by māori weavers for their strength in the creation of kete baskets. The analogy of weaving informs many parts of the brand, speaking to the binding of people and knowledge. Kete appear in māori mythology as baskets of knowledge, received by the god Tāne as a gift for humankind.

The brand tohu (logo) is an interpretation of one of these baskets of knowledge, a vessel to be filled with all the unique qualities, skills, and minds of Te Pūkenga.


Ministry of Education






Brand Identity



Creative Directors

Anzac Tasker
Jef Wong

Design Team

Tan Desai
Hannah Henderson
Sam O’Flaherty
Mike Pepper
Oscar Thomas


Andrew Baker
Natanahira Te Pona
Nicki Chapman
Rowena Schwabe
Paora Ammunson
Te Haumihiata Mason
Sir Tīmoti Kāretu
Prof. Rawinia Higgins
Tatere McLeod
Prof. Scotty Morrison
Dr Wayne Ngata
Alistair McCready

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